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    World War Hulk 05 (of 05) () February 12, → · World War Hulk 04 (of 05) () February 12, →. “World War Hulk” is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled limited series and various titles published by Marvel Comics. World War Hulk (Complete) (): “World War Hulk” is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled limited series and.

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    World War Hulk Comic Pdf

    WORLD WAR HULK No. 1, August, Published Monthly by MARVEL PUBLISHING, INC., a subsidiary of MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT, INC. OFFICE OF. PDF World War Hulk. An epic story of anger unbound! Exiled by a group of Marvel "heroes" to the savage alien planet of Sakaar, the Hulk raged. Read World War Hulk comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

    He states that he wants to see Professor X , but Beast refuses and a fight begins. Professor X finally arrives and the Hulk asks him how he would've voted had he been present when Iron Man , Mister Fantastic , Doctor Strange and Black Bolt decided to shoot him into space. Issue Two: Professor X telepathically scans the Hulk's mind and so witnesses all that he endured in interplanetary exile and is humbled. Xavier admits that he wouldn't have agreed to shoot the Hulk into space permanently, but would've sent him there while the Illuminati searched for a cure. Acknowledging this as well as other mistakes that have hurt his X-Men in the past, Xavier surrenders to the Hulk willingly, but the gathered Astonishing X-Men refuse to give him up without a fight.

    Strange, Black Bolt - and anyone else who gets in the way!

    World War Hulk (Complete) (2007-2008)

    The Hulk may just tear this stupid planet in half! David , Romita. Pak , Frank. Pak , Romita. Way , Saltares. Gage , Delatorre. Jenkins , Bachs.

    Gage , Vito. Kirkman , Hester. Tieri , Ferreira. Caselli , Cheung. Wells , Mann.

    Van Lente , Mann. Gage , Guice.

    Pak , Pagualyan. Tieri , Johnson. Slott , Caselli. Fraction , Olivetti. Wells , Lee. Van Lente , Pham. Pak , Sandoval. Pak , Kirk. McDuffie , Klein.

    McDuffie , Romita. Pak , Pham. The Complete Event. Want to read all these digital comics? Get instant access to all these and more! Join Now. Read Now. World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker 1 David , Romita. Hulk Pak , Frank. World War Hulk 1 Pak , Romita. Ghost Rider 12 Way , Saltares. Iron Man: Director of S. World War Hulk: In the " World War Hulks " storyline, it is revealed that the satellites used to revert Hulk to Banner at the end of "World War Hulk" siphoned off the gamma radiation from his body, in order to collect it for the cathexis ray later used to create the Red Hulk.

    His Hulk form's persona changed to where it easily defeated Phalkan and used his "computer brain" to leave Phalkan with a broken arm, a broken foot, a punctured lung, and some broken ribs. World War Hulk one-shot which examines two alternatives to the storyline: [23] The first tale shows Tony Stark not hesitating to fire the laser satellite into New York City, killing the Warbound and many heroes during Hulk's fight with the Sentry. Watching from hiding, the Skrulls hear of the death of their queen Veranke masquerading as Spider-Woman , but believe the Hulk is a prophet sent to aid them by destroying the heroes.

    They attack, their sleeper agents allowing them to wipe out most of the remaining super-beings and take over the world. Two months later, the Vision finds Bruce Banner in the ruins of New York, waiting to die, and convinces him to become the Hulk again and help.

    The Hulk aids the remaining heroes against the Skrulls, inspiring people to help. In this world, it's the Wasp who's a Skrull, and she infects Henry Pym with the bio-weapon that wipes out the remaining heroes. The Surfer does so, but leaves, disgusted at the Hulk's bloodthirsty ways. Galactus arrives and feeds upon Earth, destroying the Skrulls and the planet.

    He lets The Hulk live, promising to take away the monster's pain and memories. The Hulk agrees, and is transformed into Galactus' new herald, the World-Breaker. The second story has Thor and the Warriors Three flying back from Africa on a plane when they hear of The Hulk's attack. Thor leads the others against the Hulk's forces.

    He and the Hulk engage in a massive battle across Manhattan, before learning of civilians needing help in destroyed subway tunnels, and work together to save them.

    Thor manages to get through to the Hulk, convincing him to give up his vendetta. Back at Madison Square Garden, the Warbound have discovered Miek's role in the destruction of Sakaar and have surrendered.

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    The Sentry arrives only to find the battle over. Thor negotiates a settlement for all parties with the Hulk and his forces returning to rebuild Sakaar and leave Earth in peace.

    Marvel Zombies Return[ edit ] In the last issue, the Earth-Z version of Hulk became infected while on the moon, the rest of the Warbound being devoured by the zombie Inhumans with the Hulk eating Elloe Kaifi when the infection takes control of him.

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