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little ever you have revealed of your secret to a. chapters in order, you may decide to skip some How to Be Inv Your Money or Your Life!. of a coach that can help us see things we're not able to see on our own because we're too in- . I have read your Rede2ine Your Reality book and sev-. "The Curious Story of Edward Choate" Free Ebook Download. Download Link: The story is in Adobe "portable document format" .PDF), so you'll need to have.

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Redefine Your Reality Pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File indemnify Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd. from any and all consequences that may. Redefine Your. Reality with Technology Partners That Empower Business. | Granite Ridge Dr., Suite , San Diego, CA Redefine Your. Reality. Technology Partners That Empower Business. | Granite Ridge Dr., Suite , San Diego, CA

Emerging technologies are amazing in their own right. Think the Internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and voice. Taken one step further, their potential to breathe new life into the mobile space is huge, possibly leading to the point where, experts say, consumers might not even need a screen at all to interact with their devices. He predicts a time when a phone will be able to understand commands based on circumstance, such as location. The price of the coffee is then deducted from your crypto wallet once you confirm the download with your voice-secured biometric password, which is as unique as your fingerprint. Immersive realities. He expects this trend to accelerate as devices mature. The boundaries between the physical and virtual world will collide. Andrew Carlson, EVP of experience design at Digitas, echoed that thought and said he believes new hardware will drive the future of mobile. Facial recognition. Facial recognition already has made its way into both Apple and Android devices and onto platforms such as Facebook, which uses the technology to, for example, suggest photo tags and protect users from strangers using their photos. She pointed to recent developments that add an element of convenience, such as the introduction of facial-recognition payments. As such, virtual assistants, powered by AI, will find their place in wearables. By inventing new interfaces and combining them with predictive, AI-powered technologies, the way people discover and consume content will continue to shift, Wester told CMO.

Finally, when we have taken care of your love life, I shall redefine how you perceive money and work. You will learn how to find the livelihood where work and fun becomes synonymous, where day and night loose its meaning and where money is no longer something you work for, it works for you!

However, there is a point that I want to remind you one more time before we end this introduction, do not forget: this is only the basics. There is a long way to go and a lot more to discover.

The journey you are going to take with me right now is in the world of the unseen. And in this world, there are a lot of things you will not even know that it exists until you believe. And when you will begin to believe, you will discover that we really are moving through this mystical universe like little blind mice. Redefine Your Reality Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd Totally unaware how infinitely magical it is, how all things are so deeply interconnected, how men and women are perfect partners in an amazing cosmic dance and we keep running around trying to make a living.

Sometimes when we have experienced a little glimpse of the magic, we become spiritual and find comfort in the seclusion of our mind, when truly we are just afraid of what we might have seen. We become afraid of the depth of being, the energy of love, of God and we become spiritual; not realizing that we are really frightened of all that is out there.

So at the end of the book, just keep in mind this one thing: This is only the beginning! This is only going to help you break your eggshell that has provided you a small but secure and comfortable place to hide for so long. And now I am going to break that shell for you.

Once you are out, it is up to you which direction you will fly, how far you will go, how high you will soar. So where do you go when you have finished reading this book that covers the beginning? Well, as the ancient Chinese saying goes the teacher will arrive when the student is ready. Believe in it. Paulo Coelho says when you truly want something, the whole unseen universe conspires to help you in achieving it.

Therefore, once you have finished this book, once you have truly manifested what contains within it and if you wish to go further, any of the three things will happen: you will know where to go or, a new teacher will arrive or, you will find me! J Lewis The Emerald Tablet: In Alchemy, it was said that the most important instructions for turning lead into gold was so simple that it was written on a piece of emerald called the emerald tablet.

However there have been countless books full of complicated instructions, symbols and pictures just to interpret those few lines of basic instructions. This is the nature of all great truth. It is often simple but not easy to see through. And the truth that will give you the freedom to accumulate any amount of riches that you want, live with any woman you like and create your desired reality is also the same. It is simple yet so powerful that it is devilishly difficult to see through.

Now here is the single most important piece of message that contains all that you need to know for Redefining Your Reality and creating the life that you want: Reality is manifestation of your consciousness.

Now quite possibly, this doesnt make sense to you and that is why you will have to put substantial amount of effort and time to understand what it truly means.

This will contradict thousands of years of false beliefs and cultural brainwash. And chances are most people around you will have no idea what this means. My goal here is to give you a basic understanding that the objective reality that you see around you and live in, does not exist independently of you and is not uncontrollable. It is very much a manifestation of your innermost beliefs and desires.

It is a product of your own consciousness. You will be taken to heights and depths that you never imagined of. You will see things you have never thought existed.

You will meet people, read books and find messages that will keep telling you the same things over and over. When you see that happening, you will know that the wheels of a great invisible machine have started to move.

And it is all triggered by your consciousness. Sounds wacky? Dont worry this is just the beginning. Let me first briefly explain to you how reality works. Dont worry too much if some of it sounds far out and unbelievable. As I mentioned before, this is thousands of years of brainwash and belief system that I am going to undo. This is not going to be easy. However, I also know that deep down you will feel that this all sounds vaguely familiar.

This is because of two reasons: a. Your subconscious already knows all this information! You just dont realize it. Because of the nature of your physical being, this knowledge is locked up. That is something I cannot explain in this context. When you are ready, you will find the answer yourself.

If you had not reached a level of awareness already, you wouldnt be reading this manual. You did not find this book by accident. There was a reason. And the reason is that you have reached the level of awareness you are ready to receive the information that is going to be given to you. So even if you dont realize it at the moment, by making a subconscious choice of downloading this book and by reading it, you have already tapped into a strong current of events that are going to occur very soon.

It is only a matter of time when you realize the full significance of your decisions. First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. It is created directly according to your needs, wants, and desires.

Your consciousness is not just collection of your neurons inside your brain. You are not just a random combination of chemicals. And death does not bring an end to you! Your consciousness or your soul is indestructible. It does not die with your physical body and your being is not limited to time frame governed by birth and death. Your consciousness began a long time before you were born and it will not end at the time your physical body dies.

This is not the first time you came to this earth, and it will not be the last time you are going to be here. Your soul is going to live forever, through many different life times, in many different bodies. So what is the purpose of all this and how does this relate to Redefining Your Realty? In a very small little nutshell, here is the story of your soul.

You were created as an extension of the Source. The source is what we call God, the one, the supreme power, Allah, Bhagaban, the Great Spirit, all that is, nature, etc. However the concept of God as popularly known is highly anthromorphic and distorts quite a bit about the nature of the source. The source is the collective being. It is impossible to tell how and why the source was created but it will suffice to know at this point the nature of it.

The nature of the source is to create. That is why it is called the creator. We are the extensions of it. Note that we are the extensions. Not experiments, not servants, not guinea pigs, but extensions.

We are part of the source! The earth is the training ground for the souls. This is where we learn lifetime over lifetime lessons we are required to learn before we become one with the source. That is how the source sustains itself. By creating raw energy, developing it and finally adding developed energy into itself.

From the beginning, here is how the process goes: first our soul is created in the soul world and given sufficient training to survive in the physical world. Then we are assigned a human body in an environment that suits the purpose of the lessons that we are going to learn. Then we live a life time in that environment with complete freedom to act. One day this lifetime ends and we go back to the soul world where we rest and meet our soul mentors to take inventory of the achievements and mistakes.

Finally after a period of recuperation and rest, we again choose a new human body within a new environment and the whole cycle repeats itself. Every life span is designed to learn a specific set of lessons.

Remember, the ultimate purpose of the soul is to become developed enough to become one with the source. Each life time aims to develop certain aspect of the soul and it depends on the soul itself how long or how many lifetimes it is going to take before it is ready. Now here are two things that are critically important for understanding the process of redefinition: a.

The soul needs to learn to effectively create matter before it becomes one with the source. The faster the soul can grow and develop itself, the better. Now you are a multi dimensional being who has one level of consciousness aware in this physical reality, the one that is temporarily amnesiac about the existence of the other ones. This is the one that is your ego or what you know as self.

Then there is the one that is looking after you, the one that is your higher self in the soul world. The one that is you but you are not aware of. If this all sounds confusing, its normal. Read on and slowly and it will all make sense. Let us say this game is called Earth. Now you have taken a part of your consciousness put it inside the game and made sure it doesnt remember that there is any other reality outside the game.

Now dont forget, you are part of the consciousness thats inside the game who doesnt remember you anymore and as it grows, you grow as well. Let us call the one inside the game Self and the one outside Higher. Here are the rules: Self has complete freedom to act inside the context of the game and Higher cannot or does not influence Selfs behavior or actions. However, Higher can change the game context within reason as he is the one doing the designing.

FREE DOWNLOAD Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Business

Lastly, Higher cannot communicate with Self directly unless Self has grown enough to understand the nature of the game and is ready to use combined power of himself and Higher. So Higher designs the game in whatever way he deems appropriate to facilitate the growth of the Self and therefore growing himself by staying out of the game. Now bear in mind, growth of Self is not necessarily achieved by designing a game full fun and no difficulty at all. So Higher has to keep designing the game in a way that ensures that Self can constantly grow, even if it means he has to put Self in a lot of difficult situations.

Every challenge helps Self grow and in turn let Higher grow as they are the consciousness of the same soul. Now if you were Higher and one morning suddenly find that Self is becoming more and more aware of the powers within himself and learning how to redefine reality. In other words, Self is becoming aware of Higher and seems like he is ready to take it to the next level.

Now this is a definite sign that Self is growing very fast. What do you think Higher would do in this situation? He will make sure that Self gets clear indications within the game that he is on the right track. But before he does that, Higher will test Self a couple of times to finally check his readiness.

Once Self has passed the tests, Higher will help Self more and more changing the game context according to Selfs wishes. The more Self can redefine reality with the help of Higher, the more both of them grows and in turn the soul grows. Do you somewhat get an idea about how to redefine reality according to your wishes? Let me help you out: Through the power of burning desire.

The nature of reality is every thought seeks to manifest itself into its physical counterpart. Back to our previous example, if Self can communicate anything to Higher with burning desire, Higher will help Self by bringing about enough opportunities and favorable situations.

Because Self is learning to create in this way. He is learning to redefine reality. He is realizing what awesome power is within himself. And in the process both Self and Higher is growing as a soul. So Higher is going to do anything to help Self as long as Self has the persistence, awareness, belief in himself that this is the truth and not some figment of imagination.

Before we move on to the next section there are the key principles I want you to remember when you are learning how to Redefining Your Reality. The nature of reality is simple: We think and we create what we are thinking about. Every single thought is an impulse of energy. However having said that it is also important to remember, only thinking about something will not bring about a change in the reality.

A burning desire along with a definite plan and the willingness to do whatever it takes no matter what, will set things in motion. The moment you have made a definite decision to achieve something, you are really tapping into a strong current of creativity.

Now it is your duty to know exactly what you want and start taking actions towards that goal. Its like the moment you make a definite decision, you are given a big white canvas and many different colored crayons. Now it is your duty to have a clear picture in your mind about what is it that you want to draw and have the patience to draw it every day, bit by bit. The more you draw the picture the more colors you are given to give definition and depth and accuracy. Your duty is simple: everyday draw a little more of what is in your mind.

As you do so, the whole universe starts helping you make the picture come into life. Once you have finally finished it, your picture comes into reality and becomes alive.

Redefine Your Reality Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd 15 Chapter 2: Reality and Consciousness So here is a personal challenge to you: I guarantee you that the moment you are thoroughly convinced what you just read and you make a definite decision to bring about a change in your life, you will get some clear indication that you are on the right way.

This might be in the form of another teacher who will come and tell you the same things I am telling. Or you will face a test that will determine whether you are truly ready or not more about tests in the Winner or Wannabe section. Or some other definite sign that will indicate you should start to take action.

This has happened to everyone who has ever tapped into this knowledge. And it will also happen to you. So have you fully grasped what you have just read about? If not go back and keep reading it until you are able to see through the fog of your physical senses.

See you in next chapter When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe one of two things will happen. Here is how you start redefining reality. The very first step is to know what it is that you truly want. Dont forget, miracle is only a word we use because we dont understand the universal laws of reality. Dont be afraid to dream big. Its a world of abundance out there.

All you need to do is find out what you truly and passionately want in your life. What difference would you like to make? What would you like to achieve?

About a hundred years ago Dr Wallace Wattles said Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the Formless Substance.

This holds true today and is going to hold true forever, as this is the nature of reality. You think and you create. Energy follows every desire and the stronger the desire, the stronger the energy.

However one point is to be remembered very carefully. There is a big difference between hopeless thought and passionate desire. Simply thinking that you want a million dollars in one year is going to get you exactly the same amount that you are making right now. But a passionate burning desire is going to tap into the energy that is within and all around us and start to manifest itself into physical reality.

And the most effective way to create that passion is to mix emotion with your want. Emotion transforms a want into passionate desire and a desire into burning obsession. Emotion is powerful energy.

Therefore, the first step is to know what it is that you truly and passionately want. Redefine Your Reality Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd 17 Chapter 3: Six Steps to Redefining Reality Once you have found your passionate desire to acquire something or bring about a change in your reality, you are ready for the second step.

Train your mind to think in the correct way. Most of us have lived our life for 20 or 40 or 60 years and in the process we have collected a huge amount of debris in our subconscious mind. The subconscious forgets nothing and retains all information from the beginning of our life. It is what holds all our thoughts, beliefs, values and fears. And most of us have accumulated many different self limiting beliefs in our subconscious which constantly create self limiting thoughts in our minds.

This is hazardous to the whole process. You have to understand and believe that this is how the human mind works: To any new and drastically different situation, the automatic response of the subconscious is to try to protect you by saying its impossible, so dont try.

You have to learn to ignore this. And there is a very easy and effective way to that. Here is a thumb rule for all thoughts crossing your mind: if its not part of the solution, its part of the problem!

Remember that. Throughout the day whenever you are drifting in your thoughts or worrying about something, ask yourself, is this thought helping me achieve my desired reality or not? If its not then clear you mind and fill it with something that is. A lot of times, these negative thoughts keep telling you that its not possible, its not possible.

Remind yourself that this is the automatic subconscious response programmed by many years of socio cultural brainwash. Clear your mind and tell yourself that many successful people before you have used these same principles and have achieved what would look like miracles. Once again, miracle is just a word we use because we do not understand the universal laws of reality. Therefore learn to focus only on what you want. At anytime if you catch yourself thinking about what you dont want, stop and change it.

Focus on what you truly and passionately want. Remember thoughts have energy and whatever you focus on will manifest itself. So if you focus on what you dont want, that is what you will get. If you focus on what you do want, that is what you will get. So step two is to train your mind to think in the correct way. Step three for redefining reality is incidentally!

This is the step which says lets get down to business. First, write down on a clear piece of paper your definite mission statement: what do you want, by what time do you want and how do you plan to achieve it.

Be as precise as possible. Read your mission statement aloud everyday at least twice and run it through your mind as many times as possible. If you dont know the exact process that you are going to earn this, dont worry. If you truly believe that you are capable of earning this, then you can. The boundaries between the physical and virtual world will collide. Andrew Carlson, EVP of experience design at Digitas, echoed that thought and said he believes new hardware will drive the future of mobile.

Facial recognition. Facial recognition already has made its way into both Apple and Android devices and onto platforms such as Facebook, which uses the technology to, for example, suggest photo tags and protect users from strangers using their photos.

She pointed to recent developments that add an element of convenience, such as the introduction of facial-recognition payments. As such, virtual assistants, powered by AI, will find their place in wearables.

By inventing new interfaces and combining them with predictive, AI-powered technologies, the way people discover and consume content will continue to shift, Wester told CMO. Just think of platforms such as Pandora, Netflix, Spotify and Alexa, he said, which have already changed how people consume content. Never before has there been such collective knowledge available in this massive extent. Once you have prepared your master plan, stick to it. However, there is only one word of caution in this part, remember it is your burning desire that is important, not how you achieve it.

If the plan you have prepared doesnt work out. Change it. Make a new plan and try with that. If the new plan doesnt work, change that also and find a new one again.

Keep changing it until you have found a plan that does work! This is the part most men will give up at the first sign of failure, not realizing, this is only a test. More on this very important topic at the end of this section. Third, everyday take a small but substantial step towards achieving your mission by following your master plan. Make it tangible, something that you can keep an account of. If you are planning to become a millionaire by creating a great home business, make sure you learn some new skill everyday concerning your business, prepare some paper work, get it touch with some suppliers, go get that cheap photocopier, enroll in that night school on business, save up for that fax machine etc.

Even if its a small step, make sure its significant. Step 4: Step four, is really step three as well. Because it needs to be done along with step three at the same time. Step four is something I have learnt from my teacher Dr Stefan Smith who in turn learnt it from the Native American shamans. It is something they use for rainfall and good crops. Its called The Field of Plenty. What this means is that you accept and believe that whatever you want have already happened and thank your higher spiritual power for that this can be God, your own higher Redefine Your Reality Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd 20 Chapter 3: Six Steps to Redefining Reality self, the source, the nature etc.

You truly try to visualize and feel that whatever you want has already been achieved. If you want a million dollars, trust that its already ready for you; you just need to claim it.

If you want a loving partner, believe that she or he has already fallen in love with you. If you want a new house, believe that you already own it. Mix this belief with emotions. In your mind, try to see it, feel it and touch it. And show gratitude for all that you have received. Now ensure that you have spent enough time with step two and learnt to block all self limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Unless you have done that first, this step will get diluted and will not seem real. The key is to truly believe without a shadow of doubt that whatever you have wanted, has happened.

I know this is not easy to do at one go but thats alright. Our subconscious cannot differentiate between what is vividly imagined and what is real. That is why we get emotional and even cry when we see a truly heart touching movie. Even if we know that they are just actors and actresses paid to make this movie, it still fills our heart with sadness, anger, hatred or happiness.

We still laugh, cry and clench our fist with anger. Our subconscious cannot tell between what is real and what is vividly imagined. So to summarize this, believe with all your heart that whatever is your true desire, it has already happened somewhere along the way. Close your eyes, try to see it, feel it, touch it, smell it. Try to experience through as many senses that you can. Make it as vivid as you can. Then say Thank you for all this great abundance in my life.

Gratitude unleashes one of the most mystical universal laws. Be honest and be true when you are expressing your gratitude. This is a very powerful step. Step 5: Step five is a version of step four, only this time its fun time.

Start living in the new reality. Remember, once we have definitely decided on something, its already done. The field of plenty. It has been created. So what is stopping you from living that reality? Dont have the money yet? You will. It has already started to manifest itself. You dont have to actually make a deposit, but go and make a mental choice. If its a house you are going to get, go start researching for it. If your dream is to find your loving partner, go look for all the vacation ideas where you will take her once she comes into you life.

In this step, and trust me this is a very important step, get as many physical representations of your dream that you can all around you. If its money, get pictures of all things that you are going to acquire with that money. Get brochures, posters, collectibles, pictures anything that will constantly remind you how wonderful its going to be once you finally have your dream manifested into physical reality.

And finally step six is to chronicle all your progress into a journal. Get yourself a nice journal where you are going to record your amazing journey. Make it a habit to write every day these few things. What is your emotional state today, what have you done, what were the successes, what were the failures, how does today fit into your overall mission of Redefining Your Reality?

This helps you maintain your overall perspective of the elaborate game that you have started to play. Human mind is capable of only processing a limited amount of information at any given time. And if you are a normal person, chances are for time to time you will get distracted, take something half way and start something new, forget about certain other things, loose motivation etc. This is normal and quite expected. However, on the flip side, every day is vitally important and there is no time to waste.

When you are truly pursuing your burning passionate desire, you will never have enough time because it will be a lot bigger than you. And that is the beauty of it. It is the impossible that you are going to achieve! Not some mundane day to day wish like I want to download a color TV!

Ofcourse if all you want is a color TV that is fine with me and the principles are the same. But hey! When you can dream of owning a private jet and actually materialize it, why go for a color TV?

When you dream of the impossible, the smaller ones automatically take care of themselves. So why dream small? The game has been designed by you, for your own purpose, and it can be changed by you. Only you have to believe it can. Back to step six, at the end of each day recording your success and failure will remind you all the time what you have really done.

How much have you really tried.

Acid Reflux: Redefine Your Reality Pdf

If you have really done what is described in this book, or have you just casually hoped that one day you will win the Lottery. It will also give show you the milestones that you are crossing on your master plan and if at all you are on the right course. And finally, do not worry if you dont fully understand this right now, it is turning your each days endeavors, thoughts and feelings into a physical reality.

It is coming on a piece of paper, which is physical, and converting your intangible thoughts and feelings into something you can always look at and say: this I have done. Before we finish this section, I would like to tell you about one thing that creates the difference between all the winners and the wannabes of this world. No great has ever been achieved without substantial failure. In fact, if your life situation is so desperate right now that this is your last try before you totally give up, you are the most likely to be successful with this book.

However, whatever your current circumstance is, there is something you cannot ever forget. In fact, if you dont see any tests of patience, commitment and focus, you are probably not in the right way.

In the beginning the resistance will be minor. Simple distractions like a girl you fancy will suddenly want to have a relationship with you counter intuitive huh? Basically, anything that can distract you from your commitment to embark upon this journey will happen. If you survive this initial distraction, the bigger ones will start: a bad financial crisis might occur, you may have a small accident, your dream girl might materialize out of thin air and you'll think that this is dream coming true!

Finally if you succeed in bypassing all of that, and as soon as you have truly made a commitment to yourself that you will not give up, you will do whatever it takes no matter what to achieve your goal, something really serious will happen that will take every bit of your mental energy to survive and continue Once you are through that, you'll feel the awesome power that is within you Redefine Your Reality Redefine Your Reality Pte Ltd 24 Chapter 4: Winner or Wannabe and you will also get a glimpse of how it feels like when you start bending reality.

This is what will differentiate between the winners and the wannabes. This is the test of persistence. This is to see whether or not you truly believe in yourself and your power to redefine reality. If you survive this temporary failures, disappointment or distraction, you are ready for the journey.

You will be entering a world where you will go through unimaginable heights, you will be granted unlimited success and you will become what other men and women dont even dream of becoming because it is so far out of their reality.

All this, for a small price: trust, burning desire and persistence Are you ready? No amount of money, no woman, no career can ever make you feel complete and happy unless you learn to love and fully accept your true self. You have to have a clear idea of who you truly are and how your mind works. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you angry?

What are you afraid of? Which situations make you loose control? These are the answers that you need to have readily available. When you are getting ready for a life where you have the power to redefine reality, it is imperative that you know your strengths and weaknesses, take an inventory of what is available and clear out any fears, limiting beliefs and misconceptions that may be within.

Its like flying an aircraft. You need to know that every part of your plane is at its best, that there are no loose nuts or bolts, there are no rusty parts and most importantly there arent any dead bugs stuck inside your navigating equipments.

The first step of redefining your personality is understanding the meaning of your feelings and emotions. Your feelings are very powerful and they can color everything in your life. When I say feelings, I mean the way you feel when you are angry, or sad, or lonely or frustrated.

Redefine Your Reality

Think about it: what happens when you are feeling angry? Doesnt it take you over and everything just feels like unfair? Even if you consciously want to feel good, when anger takes over, you either start feeling angry, or you have a really hard time controlling yourself. That is powerful! How about when you feel lonely? Even if you dont want to feel it, even if you just want to enjoy whatever you have around you, even if you consciously decide not to be lonely, when loneliness gets hold of you, nothing seems to work anymore.

The whole color of your life seems to be that of loneliness But have you ever wondered, something that is so powerful, something that can completely take you over, color your entire life, and make you do things you wouldnt normally do why is it in you? What is the purpose of these feelings?

Why do you have feelings in the first place? Everything that your have in your body, all the hormones, every cell, every organ has a specific purpose. You have eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk with, but why do you have such powerful things called feelings inside that doesnt even listen to you? Sometimes these feelings become so overwhelming that we go to doctors or psychiatrists and ask for help. We tell them that we feel depressed, or frustrated, or sad, or afraid and they give us some medicines to suppress that feeling.

But if you ask them this simple question, why do we have feelings? They know how to suppress it, but they dont know what it means or what its purpose is. I am not saying you never need any medicines, but before you pop the next pill to relax you with some sedative or relaxing agent, you should ask yourself and your diagnosing authority: What are these feelings for?

If you can correctly answer that, you will quickly realize, your feelings and emotions are only the tip of the iceberg. There is something completely different going on beneath the surface. So what are feelings for? In a nutshell, your feelings are there to give you direction and guidance regarding the needs, wants and desires that are met or unmet in your life. My teacher in the world of Hypnosis, the famous Hypnotherapist Calvin Banyan gives an excellent example in his groundbreaking book The Secret Language of Feelings.

Here is the concentrated version of it: Imagine you are driving a car in a foreign country. Imagine you are on the highway. You are enjoying your ride, watching the beautiful countryside when suddenly a light starts flashing on your dash board.

Now the little labels that indicate what the light is for is in a foreign language. So how would you feel? So you pull off at the next gas station and fill up your tank with enough fuel and off you go. You are merrily humming a tune when suddenly the flashing light comes back again!

You feel really worried now. You pull off in the next gas station and fill up your gas tank to full. And from the counter you get some chocolates and some chips and you are on the way again. As you start munching down your chocolates and chips, the light starts flashing again. You feel frustrated now. What to do? Your happy mood is spoilt and you are feeling anxious and frustrated and you could really take a break from all this driving.

And lo and behold, you see a nice pub on the road side. You happily pull over, rush in and order a nice chilled beer, some chicken wings and a pack of cigarettes. After a couple of mugs of beer and the plate of chicken wings, you say to yourself I feel good! Unfortunately your happiness doesnt last too long and once you are back to your car driving on the road, that awful light starts flashing again.

This time it really bothers you. You cant concentrate on driving, you are not enjoying the scenery and you get a headache. You start loosing your temper and you really want to break this car down! So what do you do? You stop at the next gas station and you want to download a whole 6 pack of beer to help you deal with the situation and when you are making your payment at the counter the friendly cashier who fortunately speaks English asks you what is wrong, why you look so angry.

And you tell him your big problem with the car, that its probably broken, that you have filled up the entire gas tank and still the damn light would go away, and that you are going give the rental company a piece of your mind once you get back! The friendly cashier offers to help, goes to your car and asks you to show which light is flashing, and once you show him he politely tells you that its the water level that is low!

So you put some water in the right chamber and off you go. No lights, no headache! Their purpose is to provide you with information and motivation that will help you maintain a satisfying and healthy life. Feeling good is the signal that the way you are operating in your life is working out and everything is ok. Feeling bad is the signal that some need is unmet and some action is necessary to satisfy the need. Its the flashing light on the dashboard.

Unfortunately as most of us cannot read what it says, we go through life trying solve it like the example above: filling our life with gas, when all we need is water. I will briefly go over the common feelings we have and the meaning of them but before I do that, let me tell you what to do when you feel bad. Calvin Banyan describes the following steps for dealing with your feelings and emotions: First, identify the feeling.

Give it a name. If you dont know what the name of the feeling is you will not know what to do about it. There are 8 primary bad feelings we commonly experience. These are fear, stress, anger, sadness, boredom, loneliness, guilt and inadequacy.

Then there is the secondary feeling of frustration and the tertiary feeling of depression. Frustration always follows when you take a wrong course to satisfy one of the 8 primary bad feelings eating ice cream when you are lonely and need a friend.

Frustration means what you are doing is not working so change your ways. Finally depression comes when you have gone too far by not listening to the primary feelings, which were trying to tell you what you need and not listening to the secondary feeling of frustration which was telling you that what you are doing is not working.

Depression sets in when you have gone too far on harming yourself by taking the wrong course of action. Depression means: You need a break and you need it now! Second, identify the cause of the feeling. Look into the meaning of each feelings below and you will understand more how to identify the cause.

Third, identify a satisfying response.

When you have taken a correct satisfying response, the bad feeling goes away. When you put fuel in your fuel tank and not anywhere else , the flashing light goes away!


One important thing in this step is to do a reality check. Match with the meanings below and ask yourself is really something going on that might make me feel like this?

The meanings of feelings are as follows: 7 Primary feelings: Fear: Fear is a voice in you saying I feel something bad might happen. Stress: You feel that there is too much to do.

Anger: Something is happening that is unfair towards you or someone or something you care about. Sadness: You have lost some someone or something that is important to you.

Boredom: You do not have enough challenge in your life. Loneliness: You need more meaningful relationships. Guilt: Twin sister of anger. You have done something that is unfair to someone. Inadequacy: You feel that there is something wrong with you. Secondary feeling Frustration: What you are doing is not working. You need to change your ways. Tertiary feeling Depression: I cant try anymore.

It hurts too much. I need a break and I need it now. Now I know a lot of you who are reading this will start to frown at this point and I dont blame you for that. Anger is probably the feeling that has the most taboo attached to it.

But it is also the one of the simplest of them all.