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    Fans of The Kane Chronicles series will adore this gorgeous primer on the people, places, gods, and creatures found in Rick Riordan's #1 New York Times . the kane chronicles survival guide by riordan rick is available in our book Free download or read online The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide pdf. We provide The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide Rick Riordan by bunkerproxy. conbymysqfime.tk Study Group in word, txt, pdf, ppt, kindle, zip, and rar. the crown of.

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    Kane Chronicles Survival Guide Pdf

    Currently, merely get it with the kind of word, pdf, ppt, txt, kindle, rar, and also zip. kane chronicles survival guide pdf - domesting download pdf, free pdf kane. Kane Chronicles Survival Guide Rick Riordan - [FREE] KANE CHRONICLES RICK RIORDAN The Kane Chronicles is a trilogy of adventure and Egyptian Dictionary Pdf Human Physiology 4th Edition Test Bank File Type Pdf Poses . The Kane Chronicles, Book Three: The Serpent's Shadow is the thrilling conclusion in the Put together a Kane Chronicles Celebration to get in the Egyptian spirit and commemorate all of The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide. Hardcover.

    Origins[ edit ] Author Rick Riordan, a former middle-school social studies teacher, stated that the idea for The Kane Chronicles came from his realization that the only ancient history subject more popular than Ancient Greece was Ancient Egypt. The idea of having two multiracial siblings narrate the books also came from his experience as a teacher. Carter and Sadie Kane, the titular characters, were inspired by two siblings that he taught, as well as the fact that Ancient Egypt was a multicultural society. In the three main novels, only two characters - Drew Tanaka and Lacy - cross over between novel series. The story is told as a transcription of a recording made by Sadie and Carter Kane, detailing the rise of the Egyptian gods in the modern world. The duo discover that they have been chosen as "hosts" by the gods Horus and Isis , respectively, and are hunted by the House of Life, the world's governing body of Egyptian magicians, as a result. Carter and Sadie learn that the god Set plans to destroy the North American continent using their father's power, and they embark on a quest to save him and prove their innocence and good intentions to the House.

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    Creative writing advantages disadvantages The only way to know a system is secure and behaving correctly is through informative and trustworthy log files. Though the security point of view is almost all we care about, we have other reasons to have good logs, such as to perform traffic analysis which is useful for marketing or to charge customers for the use of resources billing and accounting.

    Most administrators do not think about the logs much before an intrusion happens and only realize their configuration mistakes when it is discovered that critical forensic information is not available.

    In this chapter, we will cover the subjects of logging and monitoring, which are important to ensure the system records relevant information from a security perspective.

    The Kane Chronicles: Survival Guide

    This chapter covers the following: Apache can produce many types of logs. The two essential types are the access log, where all requests are noted, and the error log, which is designed to log various informational and debug messages, plus every exceptional event that occurs. Additional information can be found in module-specific logs, as is the case with The first parameter is a format string indicating the information to be included in a log file and the format in which it should be written; the second parameter gives the format string a name.

    You can decipher the log format using the symbol table. The table is available from the Apache reference documentation You have a lot of fields to play with. Optional parameters can be used for the following actions: Apache architecture in the second generation allows for modules to collaborate and provide custom format strings.

    These format strings are available if the module that provides them is included in the configuration. See Table This feature allows hosting providers to put accurate billing mechanisms in place. With Apache 1, you can only record the size of the response body, leaving request headers, request body, and response headers unmeasured. Now that you are familiar with format strings, look at commonly used log formats see Table You will need to define these formats in Though you can create your own log format, you will most likely use one of the formats above since that is what web server log analyzers support.

    Nevertheless, the ability to create logs with a custom format is convenient for advanced uses, as we shall see later in this chapter. This is unexpected and can lead to errors since changing the order in which formats are defined can lead to a different format being used for the log files.

    I mentioned that, by default, Apache uses the CLF, which does not record many request parameters. At the very least you should change the configuration to use the The format of the error log is fixed.

    Each line essentially contains only three fields: the time, the error level, and the message. In some rare cases, you can get raw data in the error log no time or error level. Apache 2 adds the directive configures log granularity and ensures more information is not in the log than necessary. Its single parameter is one of the levels in Table Events that are on the specified level or higher will be written to the log file. Some interesting messages are emitted on the informational level e.

    Consider running the error log on the information level: Take some time to observe the error log to get a feeling as to what constitutes normal Apache behavior. On server startup, you will get a message similar to this one: Most other relevant events will find their way to the error log as well. The Apache error log is good at telling you that something bad has happened, but it may not contain enough information to describe it.

    For example, since it does not contain information about the host where the error occurred, it is difficult to share one error log between virtual hosts. There is a way to get more informational error messages using the mechanism of custom logging.

    Here is an example:segmentation fault appears because of an error in Apache code or because a hacker is taking advantage of the web server through a buffer overflow attack. Either way, this is bad and you have to find out why it is happening. Having frequent unexplained segmentation faults is a reason for concern. Your first impulse after discovering a segmentation fault will probably be to find the request that caused it. Due to the inadequate format of the error log, this may be difficult.

    Segmentation fault messages appear only in the main error log and not in the virtual hosts. Finding the corresponding request log entry may prove difficult when hosting a server with more than a couple of virtual hosts since the information about which virtual host was being processed at the time is unavailable.

    To make the matter worse, the request usually is not logged to the access log. The logging phase is one of the last phases of request processing to take place, so nothing is logged when the server crashes during one of the earlier phases.

    The Kane Chronicles: Survival Guide

    It does that by having a special log file where requests are logged twice: once at the beginning and once at the end. A special utility script is used to process the log file. If a request appears only once in the log file, we know the server crashed before it could log the request for the second time.

    While most web application attacks take place through. This module described further in Chapter 12 adds audit logging configuration directives that can be placed almost anywhere in the configuration. It works with the main server, virtual servers, or in a directory context.

    The module will automatically detect and make use of the unique ID generated by requests but will now appear in plain text in the audit log. This forces us to classify the audit log as an asset and protect it accordingly.

    Later, you will find recommendations for the treatment of application logs; such treatment can be equally applied to the audit log. Measuring script performance can be difficult because the response is typically generated and transmitted back to the client concurrently. The only measure normally available is the total time it took to process a request. For example, for a client accessing the server over a slow link e.

    You can measure performance of individual processes but only if you separate them first. This can be done if the response is not sent to the client as it is being generated. Instead, the response is kept in a memory buffer until generation is complete: This is called All times are given in microseconds, relative to the beginning of request processing.

    The following conclusions can be made out of the line given in the previous example with the figures rounded to the nearest millisecond so they are easier to read : Include the application logs on the list of logs you monitor. At the very least, you should integrate the logs of the application engine with the rest of the logs.

    For each application, you should do the following: The default logging format is adequate to generate traffic statistics but inadequate for forensic analysis.

    We need to use the custom logging facility and design a log format that provides us with the information we need.

    By starting with the The new log format will be shown soon after discussing how the information needed for the additional fields may be obtained. For example, integration with applications is required to achieve adequate logging levels. When installed as a module, PHP integrates with Apache and allows direct communication between modules to take place.

    Other application engines may provide similar support. We will take advantage of the request body being available to the PHP code. We can, therefore, take the body and return it to Apache, along with other parameters known to the application the username and the session identifier.

    This is possible because Apache has a feature called, which was specifically designed for inter-module communication. The following code fragment sends some of the information from the PHP module to Apache, where the information is available for other modules to use.

    It creates four Apache notes: note when configured to do so and to use response headers to transport the information out of the application. In the application code, send out the session identifier and the username, using headers You will not be able to send a warning from the application using response headers though.

    Outgoing headers will be visible to the client, too, and using them for a warning may result in revealing critical information to an attacker. However, at the time of this writing no modules exist that log to files and support rotation. There has been some work done on porting Cronolog see Section 8. Piped logging is a mechanism used to offload log manipulation from Apache and onto external programs. Instead of giving a configuration directive the name of the log file, you give it the name of a program that will handle logs in real time.

    A pipe character is used to specify this mode of operation: All logging directives mentioned so far support piped logging. Many third-party modules also try to support this way of logging. External programs used this way are started by the web server and restarted later if they die.

    They are started early, while Apache is still running as , too. Bugs in these programs can have significant security consequences. If you intend to experiment with piped logging, you will find the following proof-of-concept Perl program helpful to get you started:! Log rotation is also very important to ensure no loss of data. Log data loss is one of those things you only notice when you need the data, and then it is too late.

    But with a graceful restart, the wait in step 3 becomes somewhat tricky. An Apache process doing its best to serve a client may hang around for a long time, especially when the client is slow and the operation is long e.

    If you proceed to step 4 too soon, some requests may never be logged. A waiting time of at least 10 minutes is recommended. The problem with this on Unix systems is the file will not be completely deleted until all open programs stop writing to it. In effect, the Apache processes will continue to log to the same but now invisible file.

    The purpose of the server restart, therefore, is to get Apache to let go of the old file and open a new file at the defined location. It is especially useful because it can be configured to keep a symbolic link to the latest copy of the logs. This allows you to find the logs quickly without having to know what time it is. A different approach is used in Cronolog to determine when to rotate.

    Instead, Cronolog rotates the logs when the filename changes. Therefore, it is up to you to design the file format, and Cronolog will do the rest. To overcome these problems, the second school of thought regarding configuration was formed.

    The idea is to have only two files for all virtual hosts and to split the logs creating one file per virtual host once a day. Log post-processing can be performed just before the splitting. This is where the is fixed; Apache does not allow its format to be customized, and we have no way of knowing to which host an entry belongs.

    Download The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide pdf - Rick Riordan - critphepulzyst

    One way to overcome this problem is to patch Apache to put a hostname at the beginning of every error log entry. One such patch is available for download from the Glue Logic web site Logging to the local filesystem on the same server is fine when it is the only server you have. Things get complicated as the number of servers rises. This approach is nice, secure assuming you do not use FTP , and simple to configure.

    Just add the transfer script to , allowing enough time for logs to be rotated. The drawback of this approach is that it needs manual configuration and maintenance and will not work if you want the logs placed on the central server in real time. The most common path a message will take starts with the application, through the local daemon, and across the network to the central logging host.

    Nothing prevents applications from sending UDP packets across the network directly, but it is often convenient to funnel everything to the localhost and decide what to do with log entries there, at a single location.

    Apache supports syslog logging directly only for the error log. If the special keyword The facility is an optional parameter, but you are likely to want to use it. Every syslog message consists of three parts: priority, facility, and the message. Priority can have one of the following eight values: debug, info, notice, warning, error, crit, alert, and emerg.

    Apache will set the message priority according to the seriousness of the message. Local facilities are meant for use by user applications. Message facility is of interest to us because it allows messages to be grouped. Because we want only Apache logs to go to the central server, we will choose an unused facility: for the access log to allow syslog to differentiate the access log messages from the error log messages.

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